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Since 1984 Transafrik has supported the worldwide air cargo industry. Operations in Angola, where both commercial fleets are based, focus on servicing the mining and oil exploration requirements for multi-national corporations. Transafrik also provides logistical support and expertise for major relief organisations such as the United Nations and Red Cross.

In 1989 Transafrik was awarded the contract to transport some 15,000 refugees from various areas within Angola to Namibia in advance of the election and prior to Namibian independence. Transafrik exceeded all targets and were highly praised by the U.N.H.C.R Project Team. Over 2000 hours were flown on two Hercules in passenger mode configuration, necessitating the specialist training of staff, the provision of special equipment for passengers and the arrangement of suitable insurance cover.

From 1988 to 1989 700 hours were flown in a two phase project for the Angolan arm of the World Food Program, urgently transporting grain from Luanda to points inside the country to alleviate shortages caused by drought. One Hercules was utilised, averaging 300 hours a month.

From 1990 to 1991 Transafrik was awarded a World Food Program contract to airlift food within Ethiopia. During eight months of operations 4,900 flight hours were flown over the course of over 2,000 flights. Mobilisation was effected at very short notice and the operation included the most intensive utilisation ever recorded on Hercules aircraft, regularly flying 20 hours per day.

In 1993, Transafrik obtained the SONANGOL (Angolan Petroleum Company) contract to supply the various outlying cities with fuel. This is an intensive 18 hours per day operation.

From 1993 to the present day, Transafrik has assisted the World Food Program in a major food airlift operation. The present operation requires Transafrik to perform up to 30 aid flights per day in the Hercules and Boeing 727s.

In 1995 Transafrik was awarded a contract from the United Nations to provide airlift operations from Bahrain and Iraq in relation to the UNSCOM (United Nations Special Commission) mission.

Towards the end of 1997 Transafrik was awarded the contract for Airdrop Operations in Sudan and Somalia under the World Food Program. Transafrik has for many years performed aid relief flights for various organisations, many of which are still ongoing. Relief organisations served by Transafrik include Caritas, Red Cross, UNICEF, Lutheran World Federation and Care International.

Transafrik has performed several refugee evacuations from war zones in co-ordination with humanitarian organisations, as well as various world-wide operations for United Nations Forces (i.e. UNAVEM 1 & 2, MONUA in Angola, UNSCOM in Somalia, UNTAC in Cambodia and now MONUC in Congo). Many of these operations have involved logistic supplies and medical evacuations.

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