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What is our safety culture?

"The attitudes, values, norms and beliefs which a particular group of people share with respect to risk and safety; it is reflected in the organization's willingness to develop and learn from errors, incidents, and accidents".

The above is the definition of safety culture as our customer the United Nation defines it. This is also the basic understanding of the definition by our safety office. Identifing safety concerns, determining solutions and implementing ideas to improve safety within Transafrik, is the task of Safety Officer Kevin Pierce. His five major goals of concern and development are to:

  • Promote a failsafe accident prevention program and motivating a safety and quality first culture within the organization that is customer and company oriented;
  • Pursue an active involvement in identifying and eliminating unsafe practices, conditions and
    hazards within all aspects of Transafrik;
  • Create a practical and efficient method of receiving, analyzing, distributing, rectifying
    and tracking safety related issues;
  • Ensure a safe, quality and economical service to the customer that will secure company profitability in the future;
  • Implement a channel for action, adoption and promotion of the best safety practices.

In addition to Safety & Quality, Kevin Pierce will also handle all safety training issues. He is in the process of developing training guides, lesson plans, standards and formalizing additional safety training that will complement the existing traing programs. This will ensure that all our company safety training reacts quickly to the current safety concerns. From time to time audits for safety, quality and training will be performed at all locations to help identify areas of concern and eliminate problems before they occur.

  • Transafrik maintains a high standard of quality and safety and continually strive to improve
    the standard.
  • Transafrik has an established internal and external quality and safety audit program with positive follow-up action plan to quickly correct deficiencies as they arise.
  • Transafrik has an operational risk management system adapted to difficult operating environments and
    airports and a common sense
  • Transafrik approach towards safety that provides a versatile but safe organization designed to serve
    our customer requirements.
  • Transafriks experienced quality and safety management team will ensure your cargo is delivered to difficult destinations with the highest degree of safety and the least possible risk.

All these measures are not only developed because our customers are requesting it; but it is most important that an airline must have safety as its number one priority.

Let’s further develop our safety culture!

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